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Χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu.

Tuesday, 12 August Currently over 1.

χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu ανανάς θεραπεία απώλειας βάρους

The workshop aims to add Rosia Montana on the map, with house numbers, shops and places of interest. How might look a touristic product of Rosia Montana if the conflict generated by the mining project would not be in the foreground? A step by step practical guide on how to start and run a campaign, with key steps and tools providing models for motivation, analysis and communications structure to get people caring and acting for your cause.

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Campaigners need to understand power, motivation and how to engage in the business of public politics. The workshop will run following a real scenario and will help you learn to develop a successful campaign strategy.

χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu φαρδιές μάξι φούστες

Join us relaxed, equipped with humor and irony, and find out how you can make a social poster from idea till paper. The debate will be touching on wider social, economic and environmental impacts, in Romania, Europe and globally.

What measures is the Government taking to reduce pollution, where are we headed and what do we need to do are just a couple of the questions we will try to address. The workshop is led by Bankwatch Romania, NGO working to protect the environment and reduce negative impacts of large scale Unfortunately it turned into σπιτικό άπαχο σέικ that many communities across Romania deal with already.

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Pungesti is no isolated example, the same scenario will be replicated all around the country. This workshop will not only briefly tell us about the general threats fracking poses on environment and communities, but also about the status of permitting and legal counter fight of the activist movement.

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The workshop plans to be an interactive one, all groups are invited to join in with relevant info and to share their experiences. Also, do not forget about the general organizing meeting of all anti-fracking activists on Friday, the 15th of August, at the Forum Tent.

Wensday, 13 August Find out about the most innovative campaigning tools and great examples of how some have made use of them in an extra-ordinary way.

With the growing numbers of slacktivsts and non formal groups becoming social actors we would like to explore how can we engage with our local representatives, what are the tools and the community resources available and how should we caliber our expectations when it comes to transparency and accountability. More recently, a new need sprung among civil society members to fight unlawful decisions taken by authorities.

This workshop aims to cover the lack of know-how on the matter explaining basic χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu on legal actions. We want to speak about how we mange to succed, but also about other intiatives related to traditional products slow food and the promotion of a slow life-style, opposed to the rush in big cities.

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The workshop will present the approach to launching a European Citizens Initiative for the rights of nature. Active organizations in this field will provide information on the importance of forest biodiversity and the problems caused by deforestation. Locally jobs were promised without any trouble.

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Thursday, 14 August Zone To Defend, a 16 km² zone, is now squatted by more than people from all over France and other countries. At the same time, committees were created in support to the struggle in France.

χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu αποδυναμώσει τομείς

Today this struggle might be victorious and strengthen other movements in France. During the workshop we will discuss examples of approaching the community and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The workshop will give an overview of mining struggles in South America and ways in which activists work to protect human rights and the environment, both in country and through tactics aimed at the London Stock Exchange and the Alternative Investment Market AIM. But the majority of those consuming the content have a hard time making sense of those first person accounts.

We will look at how to document an event or story in an engaging way, go through journalistic techniques which help you to better observe, film and write while being in the middle of the action.

ADEPT Foundation is developing in Târnava Mare area, practical activities that affect the lives of hundreds of small producers: training, collection centers, fairs, small community grants, communal micro-processing units and agro-tourism.

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The examples of good practice in this area inspire farmers and consumers. In this context, mining is an industry with a very high-stake for public policies and financial markets, but mostly for the communities and ecosystems directly impacted.

Δημιουργήθηκε πατατοσαλάτα με ψητές πιπεριές και πράσινη σαλάτα

Nevertheless the risks surpass the Romanian borders. Make a list of questions you would like to ask!

χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu απώλεια βάρους μόνο λίπος στην κοιλιά

From accessing database to direct observation in order to uncover what lies behind some dirty business. This are the free licenses, Creative Commons and Common Patents.

InfOMG Romania will present the updated situation regarding cultivation and placing on the market of genetically modified crops in Romania and Europe.

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The EU is in the process of reform legislation on genetically modified organisms, which involves many risks, which will be exposed by InfOMG team. The workshop will include the final debate on food security. Presentation on the gold mining and fossil fuel power plant protests.

χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu διαδικασία αποδυνάμωσης του γυαλιού

Magor Csibi, director of WWF-Romania will talk us through the campaign which has managed to halt dozens of such projects already through advocacy and work with local groups and communities. You will have a chance to learn instruments, non-verbal communication signs and tunes of sambistas through trial and error while learning by doing. It is good if you can hear though no special skills or preparation is needed.

Its scope is to get details about TTIP, to debate the subject and discuss what can be done about it!

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Attracted by the large surfaces available and lower prices compared to the rest of Europe, large agricultural companies, corporations which are exploiting natural resources, banks and investment funds are installing on thousands of acres. Today, more than one million hectares of farmland are the hands of foreign investors. Eco Ruralis explains the methods used for land grabbing in Romanian villages, exposing cases investigated in various areas of the country.

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Alburnus Maior, Forum Tent The story of a small village in the Apuseni-Mountains and its battle that inspired a whole generation. The fight is not over, but this does not scares the initiators — the inhabitants of Roşia, who stand firm after more than χάστε βάρος με το φόρουμ του oana radu years.